Acquisitions Process

We have a full-time acquisitions team dedicated to sourcing fantastic deals in our target markets. You’ll find them regularly touring our key markets to gain a comprehensive understanding of each market and submarket, deep diving potential deals, and staying in regular contact with the top brokers in each MSA.

The PassiveInvesting.com Process

  • Sourcing and Finding Multifamily Assets:
    • Strong broker relationships through constant communication, solid offers, and reputation as a leader in the space.
    • Gain access to off market deals as a result of our reputation of closing deals quickly.
  • Underwriting (Reviewing the Numbers):
    • Utilize current financials (not broker pro formas) to analyze assets with a proprietary Financial Model developed by our team.
    • Conservative assumptions produce a pro forma model to properly vet the asset.
  • Touring Assets:
    • The Passiveinvesting.com acquisitions team tours all assets before submitting a LOI. The acquisitions team is constantly touring our target markets and develops a comprehensive outlook on each asset prior to acquisition.
  • Making Offers
    • Our conservative financial modeling informs our offer process, and we pursue far more deals than we’re awarded, roughly 100 to 1, as we will not compromise our criteria or overpay for an asset.
  • Due Dilligence
  • Markets: Currently focused on these markets but are not limited to them
    • Atlanta, Austin, Charleston, Charlotte, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Raleigh, Wilmington, and more (will expand to Phoenix and Boise.)
  • Passiveinvesting.com Deal Flow Criteria:
    • Multifamily Assets throughout the markets listed above,
      • Vintage 2000 to 2021,
      • 20 to 95 million,
      • Class A to B, 120 units and above,
      • 50% occupied asset for a pre-stabilized deal will be the earliest we will consider