Brian Bornhorst, Director of Asset Management

Brian was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado. His father was an architect, which is where he got his knowledge, understanding, and passion for the real estate industry. He went to the University of Cincinnati. He started out in architecture but soon realized he was more interested in the business side of real estate, so he switched over and earned a degree in real estate marketing. Brian is big when it comes to giving back to his community. He’s been coaching youth and high school sports since he graduated from university. 

The roll of Asset Management is to maximize value for the investors and be the link between the high-level investment objective of ownership and the day to day property operations.  The main focus is to ensure the investment plan is implemented and matches the market condition, capital plans and asset preservation strategies.  Understanding micro market economics, demand drivers, property/tenant demographics, and the property’s capital plan are all key to maximizing value for the investors.  Brian’s goal is to insure that these are all aligned so that we can grow the cashflow and value of each asset.