Caitlin Randazzo, Design Coordinator

Caitlin is an experienced businesswoman, entrepreneur, and investor.  She has experience in multiple industries which include fashion, wellness, and design.

She was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. She spent a decade between New York City and San Francisco running her own businesses before returning home in 2016.

Her fascination with real estate truly began the first day she met Danny in 2014 on a boat in Vietnam. He explained how he owned his home in the Bay Area and his cost of living expense was $450 a month.

After that day, she immersed herself in real estate podcasts and books to learn how an income generating portfolio can change lives. She has deep real estate knowledge through education and real-life experience as she and Danny continue building their portfolio.

Her role within the company is focused on coordinating the design of the interior and exterior of the properties.