It Takes A Village

You’ve heard the above expression when something significant is accomplished. Well… it’s true. When we at PassiveInvesting.com announce a new opportunity to partner with us, there’s a tremendous amount of work that has gone into that opportunity.

It starts with acquisitions…

By the time you see a deal, Brandon, Eric, and Chris have analyzed and underwritten hundreds of deals and gotten to the best and final table a number of times, only to have the deal awarded to another buyer. They do a tremendous amount of work prior to ever getting a deal under contract, and reject A LOT of deals before we find one that hits our conservative criteria.

Our acquisitions team is regularly in the marketplace, touring assets, building broker relationships, and putting us in the best possible position to have deals awarded to us.

On our current deal, there were roughly three years of work in the Charleston market before we had that deal awarded to us. But, because of the diligence of our acquisitions team, we were able to make a “pre-empt offer” and are acquiring the asset at a substantial discount.

Once a deal is awarded to us, it’s all hands on deck!


Melissa Broom, our director of marketing, goes into overdrive, putting together the high-quality offering memorandums you’ve come to expect. She often turns this around in an extremely short period of time and with a lot of varied input from the team. Additionally, she is developing a number of different content pieces for various platforms, making our website look fantastic, and doing at least a dozen other projects.


As you’re reviewing one of our deals, you’ll notice a lot of data and valuable information to help you make an investment decision including…

Pro forma projections

Market data

Asset specific data

Debt terms

Breakeven analysis

Investor ROI projections

These are developed with the help of our acquisitions team, finance team, and property management partners.

The property management company we use, reviews every lease to determine the exact demographic makeup of our tenants. They, alongside our director of asset management, often spend close to a week at the property inspecting every unit, preparing for a seamless management transition, and finalizing the business plan, so we can begin executing on day one.

We’re looking at every single opportunity to maximize revenue, optimize expenses, and drive net operating income (NOI) growth, value, and returns.

After we close, our property management team gets to work ensuring a fantastic resident experience, implementing their systems and software, and executing the business plan.

Our director of asset management, as well as our managing partners, are in weekly, and sometimes daily communication with our property management team, to monitor the performance of the assets and coordinate any CapEx projects we’re doing to add value.


To maximize asset performance and investor returns, Danny and his team have lenders competing to offer the best possible terms to our group. Without a solid reputation in the marketplace and the financial stability of our managing partners, we would not be able to secure the favorable debt terms we do that allow us to partner with you to acquire these institutional-level assets.

Investor Relations

Dan, Anne, and I put a lot of work and thought into the process of actually investing with us. We want to make the process as simple and seamless as possible for you, and, on larger deals, are often coordinating subscription documents, funding, and accreditation for roughly 300 investors.

Once we’ve closed, we’re communicating regularly with our director of asset management to deliver the monthly updates on each asset that you’ve come to expect, as well as quarterly financials, and as close to on-time K-1’s as we can.

The entire team at PassiveInvesting.com is dedicated to consistently delivering high-quality, conservatively underwritten deals for you to invest in, and creating a best-in-class experience for you, our investor partner.

If you’d ever like to share feedback or how we can make your experience with us even better, please let me know!