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Apartment Investing Provides Higher Returns Than Other Real Estate Asset Classes

Investing in multifamily assets allows for better returns than any other real estate asset class. The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) presented the research on why multifamily investing returns can’t be beat.

Multifamily Investing Provides Capital Preservation

One of the major benefits of investing in stabilized (above 90% occupancy) multifamily assets, is the ability to use permanent, low risk agency financing. Looking back at the crash in 2008, the single family market had a 4.0% default rate versus the multifamily market only have a 0.4% default rate.

Can Lower Your Taxable Income by Investing in Passive Apartment Syndications

The Team only acquires stabilized (above 90% occupancy) and cash flow positive apartment building investments. This allows our investors to make healthy returns while showing a loss at the end of every year.

Home Ownership is Significantly Dropping

Since its peak in the mid-2000s (see graph below), home ownership has been significantly dropping and it will continue to drop as millennials and the aging baby boomers want to stay mobile in the 21st century.