Ready to Submit Your First ‘Soft Reserve’?

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You may have received an email from us with an offering announcement and had questions about the process for submitting your first soft reserve. After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of our internal processes including the three strikes and you’re out rule. 

What is a Soft Reserve?

Our offerings are released to you via email and included in the offering email will be the option to submit a soft reserve. You will click on the soft reserve button (or link) to submit your information to reserve your spot in the offering.

The soft reserve form will obtain certain information from you to help us determine how you’d like to invest:




Investment Amount

Probability of Investing (1-10)

Entity Name (if applicable)

State of Residency

Source of Funds

Accredited Investor?

How did you hear about us?

The soft reserve is simply a way for you to reserve your spot in the offering early in the process. Our most recent offering that closed back in December 2020 filled up within 14 days and since that last offering we have added over 580 new investors to our investor roster. Yes, you heard that correctly. Each month we are adding between 100-150 new investors and our offerings are filling up quickly.

This soft reserve option is just like it sounds. It is a “soft commitment” to let us know that you have the funds right now to invest and you would like to reserve a certain amount in the offering while you take additional time to review the documentation in more detail.

If you decide not to submit your soft reserve until after you have reviewed the documentation, then you risk losing a space in the offering. In many of our offerings, the projects filled up so fast that we have $2,000,000-$3,000,000 in additional soft commits that have to be put on a backup waiting list.  

Submitting Your Soft Reserve

I would strongly encourage you to submit your soft reserve as fast as possible if you are interested at all in investing alongside us on our next offering. You will still have plenty of time to review the documentation prior to making your final decision. 

If you decide you do not want to invest in the offering after reviewing the documentation in more detail, then you can simply send us an email to let us know so we can give your spot to another investor that is next in line on the back up investor list.

Three Strikes and You’re Out!

One thing to keep in mind is that we do keep a spreadsheet of the investors that habitually submit soft reserves and then back out after reviewing the documentation. If you back out of your soft reserve three times in a row, then you will be automatically removed from our investor roster and will not be notified of our future offerings. 

Backing out of three soft commitments in a row also tells us that you may not like the way we structure our offerings and we are not a good fit for each other. There is no reason to continue to waste your time or ours sending you additional offerings to review when they are clearly not a good fit for you if you fail to fulfill a commitment three times in a row. 

If you have any questions about the soft reserve process you can reach out to Andrew Davis ( on our Investor Relations Team.