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*This investment is open to ACCREDITED INVESTORS ONLY via SEC 506(c) exemption.

44-unit, The Pines on Wendover Apartments in Charlotte, NC

The Team is set to purchase The Pines on Wendover Apartments, a 44-unit Class C apartment community in Charlotte, NC.

True Off Market, Value Add Opportunity In Prime Location in Growing Charlotte, NC in One of The Most Affluent Sub-markets

There are solid value add opportunities for this deal:
• Built in 1985 and former owners have maintained this asset well.
• The interiors are classic 1985 style and we will be renovating with modern interiors to compete with nearby properties.
• Moderate exterior renovations to modernize the property including updating the on-site amenities.
• The property is currently over-staffed and with our on-site presence in this market we will be able to reduce payroll expenses.
• Several of the largest employers in the county are located within a short drive of this property.
• Secure/Safe 12 year fixed rate agency loan being secured with 3 years I/O
• Monthly distributions will start immediately — the first one will be paid in September 2019 following close in July 2019.
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Here’s some additional information on this investment:
• Projected to exit in 5 years with the following returns:
o Annualized Return: 22.4%
o Cash on Cash (Average): 9.3%
o IRR: 18.3%
o Equity Multiple: 2.13x
• Max Investment: $400,000
• Min Investment: $50,000
• Closing Date: 7/3/2019
• Funding Date: 5/31/2019 thru 6/28/2019 (first come, first serve basis)
o We are currently over 58% funded.

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This is a conservative investment and it will fill up quickly.

Should you have any questions…you may simply reply to this email.

Dan Handford, Managing Partner