Capitalizing on RV Parking Demand

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The promise of the open road, the allure of nature, and the freedom to roam are just a few reasons why many people are drawn to RVing. About 38 million Americans will venture out in their RV (recreational vehicle) this fall. On Labor Day alone, over 16 million RVers will pack up their families and hit the road. But what exactly makes RV adventures so appealing, and how can we, as passive investors, capitalize on RV parking demand? I’ll cover that and more in this article.

Five Reasons RVers Love Fall

1. Cooler Weather: RVing in the fall means the blistering summer heat is behind you. The cool breeze and the warm sun make for perfect road-trip weather. There is no need for air conditioning—roll down the windows and let nature do its thing.

2. Outdoor Recreation: Hiking, fishing, and cycling are more enjoyable in the mild autumn weather. For RVers, fall is the best time to explore national parks and nature trails without the summer crowd.

3. Fewer Bugs and Pests: Summer is great for many reasons, but bugs aren’t one of them. In the fall, those annoying mosquitoes and creepy crawlies go into hiding, making campsite evenings much more enjoyable. Is anyone up for a firepit?

4. Halloween Celebrations at Campgrounds: Many RV campgrounds turn up the fall festivities during October. From spooky campfire stories to harvest festivals, it’s a unique and fun way to celebrate Halloween.

5. Fall Foliage Tours: One of the best reasons to RV in the fall is the breathtaking transformation of nature. Trees turning gold, orange, and red hues offer scenic drives unlike any other season. Many RVers plan routes specifically to catch the best of this colorful display.

With many RVers on the road this fall, we want to become the number-one choice for their parking needs. Here’s how…

RV Parking Spaces: What to Look for and What We Offer

Finding the right place to store an RV is as important as the journey itself. Here’s what our customers consider when renting a parking space:

1. Amenities: Dump stations, security, and fully enclosed heated buildings appeal to high-end RV owners. They don’t want to winterize their RVs for the winter, and they want to keep their prized passion out of the elements. Our amenities check those boxes.

2. Location and Access: Whether a customer prefers a lakeside spot, a place close to hiking trails, or a parking space near town amenities, location plays a significant role in their RV experience. We want areas close to highways, with easy entry and exit.

3. Size and Suitability: Not all RV parking spaces are the same size. High-end RV owners need space to fit a 40-foot or larger RV. They may want extra space for their RV equipment and toys like ATVs. We offer 50-foot spaces, up to 100 feet, if they need more. This is more than enough space for all their RV needs.

4. Cost: Prices can vary based on location and amenities. Our goal is not to be the low-cost option. We offer premium space and charge premium prices. Since most HOAs do not allow RV parking at home, RV owners expect to pay for parking at a facility. In our markets, we want to offer the best amenities to be top of mind for the high-end RV owner.

RVing offers a one-of-a-kind travel experience, merging the joys of the journey with the comfort of home. RV parking is a growing real estate segment with plenty of opportunities for acquisitions and development. If you’re a passive investor, stay tuned for more opportunities to partner with us and our Guardian RV Storage brand.