Getting Involved and Giving Back

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Before Dan, Brandon, and I started I was working as a financial consultant and traveling a lot. My typical week required me to fly to a city on Monday morning and return home Thursday evening. I spent a lot of time in airports, hotels, planes, and taxis. The biggest issue I had with all the travel was being away from family and home for most of the week. In addition, I wasn’t able to get involved in the community where my wife and I live. I enjoy giving back and helping young people improve their lives. 

Today, I really love what I do and being able to work with our great team at Part of that enjoyment and passion comes from my being home a lot more compared to the consulting days and being able to get involved in our community. I have two community initiatives that I focus on.

#1: The Breakfast Meeting

The breakfast meeting is just that, a place where real estate investors meet to eat breakfast, learn about real estate, and help each other improve their businesses. The meeting was started with myself and two other people (that I invited to go to breakfast) back in 2016 with one booth in a public diner. Since that first meeting, we have grown to be a group of 30-50 people. We get together twice a month. The café where we meet opens before normal business hours to give us a private place to eat, discuss business, and accommodate our large group size. 

I’ve had many people tell me that the breakfast meeting is one of the best things they look forward to each month. Many people are extremely grateful for the ideas and feedback they receive that has helped them buy their first real estate investment, resolve a problem, or improve their cash flow. It’s been a great journey so far and a really good way to help other people get started in real estate. 

Anyone is welcome to join so if you are in Charleston, SC, we meet on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 7:30-9 am at 60 Bull Café. I hope to see you there!

#2: The First Tee

The First Tee is an international youth program with chapters all over the country. I volunteer with the Charleston, SC chapter as a coach at a local golf course. The kids apply to the program and get to learn and play golf. More importantly, they learn the core values of life. The First Tee is a great way to help kids learn how to play a fun and popular game and teach them about honesty, respect, patience, and all the other core values it takes to be a good person and golfer. Look for my article that will spotlight the First Tee and how you can get involved in your local area.